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Post 16 Supported Internships

Supported Internships – Post 16 Students

As part of our Post 16 students Transition programme the school offers the potential for its students to take part in Supported Internships.


What is a Supported Internship?

A supported internship is a 6-12 month placement working with an employer for 3 days each week whilst still remaining in full time education.  The work is unpaid and is for students who are subject to an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Special Needs Statement.

The purpose of the placement is to develop work skills that will hopefully lead to the student being offered employment (ideally with the host employer).  The internship also allows employers to assess the student’s skills and helps to break down some of the barriers that prevent the visually impaired, and those with other needs, gaining meaningful employment. 

The supported part of the placement is in the form of a job coach who is placed with the employer to support and train the interns in the job they are expected to undertake.  This Job Coach role will be provided by the school and is funded from the Department for Work & Pensions “Access to Work” scheme.  Further details of the Supported Internships may be found from the Government website.

The job coach will be at the workplace to help the students develop their skills whilst also supporting the employer in understanding any specific needs the students may have and how best they may be supported.

Why are we looking at Supported Internships?

One of the key parts of the school’s mission is to challenge the rather depressing statistic that less than 10% of adult visually impaired people are in paid employment.  By undertaking these internships with the support of a dedicated job coach, and our tailored transition curriculum, it is our belief that our students will stand a much greater chance of becoming employed.  Additionally, this programme also seeks to address the lack of friendship groups that is common with the visually impaired as it can be shown that through employment there is increased social interaction and the potential for developing friendships in the workplace and beyond.

Should you have any further questions concerning Supported Internships, please contact our Job Coach Mr. Paul Roberts via the school’s office.

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