Head of Care- Mrs Nicola Warrilow

At St. Vincent’s we offer two impressive residential groups. Staffed by a dedicated, highly trained group of Care staff, who are always on call to offer help and support to pupils, parents and carers, in any way they can.

The following information will tell you about life in St. Vincent’s if you stay as a resident or as an extended day placement:

New Pupil Guide 2021-2022


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Residental News​

Residential News and Report – October 2021


What has been happening?

  • New Beginnings

  • We have 17 pupils participating within the residential setting 5 of which are full time and the others a mix of extended evenings and 1, 2, or 4 overnights with in a week.

  • We have 2 Senior Care Workers, 2 full time care staff and soon to be 3 part time care assistances.

  • One new pupil full time. 

  • All pupils back , most COVID restrictions have been lifted in the  groups. Bridgman for boys/Caulfield for the girls.

  • Pupils, parents and staff all happy with the changes.

  • All staff and some older pupils are fully Vaccinated.

  • The wearing of face masks has been lifted.

  • Testing kits now gone home with all staff and pupils – testing going well  - testing of residents taking place on Sundays at home and Wednesday nights in groups for full time residents.

  • Activities all still remaining on site at present  - but mixing within the two groups now takes place outdoors when possible or Youth Club area. 

  • Care staff Have worked hard to preparing their group areas to best suit pupils needs.

  • New play room area made in Bridgman to provide a younger room for two new residents.

  • Care staff hours also had to be adjusted to meet the needs of our current pupils.

  • As it stands now we have 5 pupils resident in Caulfield Group –  12 pupils in Bridgman group. 

  • Thanks to the staffs continual hard work the group areas had been deep cleaned.

  • We are so lucky that every child has their own personal room, which continues to make life safer for all.

  • Hopefully after a while, guidance will change again and we will be back to being able to go off site for some activities. We intend to look at this after the October Half term..

  • Thanks to the fun fund/group money we were able to purchase some treats for the pupils.

  •  Outside exercise equipment is proving to be very popular with all the pupils, along with being able to use the swimming pool again and the fact we now have our own life guard.

We have had a visit from our Independent/SIP Person and hopefully this will be the start of many Governors visits!!! please



Residential News -March 2021


 Here we are, well into the New Year it’s March and we are at last moving back to our original group plans which are Bridgman the boys group and Caulfield the girls group.


We have, as a school returned to a “super bubble” and everyone is delighted. We are sadly still living under COVID regulations, so still unable to travel off site in the evenings but continue to have a good variety of site activities on offer, so we are lucky.


The big and best change being; we have our friendship groups back, we can meet up, socially distancing within the youth club area for our Bingo Nights, so no more zooming which was fun but so much better face to face.


We are still missing some of our friends due to Shielding but we hope to see them back soon.


JW is training up to be a Life Guard after Easter so we will be able to return to evening swimming sessions – Covid rules in place.


Our new outdoor fitness machines can be used by all – Covid rules in place.

The swings can be used again in the evenings – Covid rules in place.


Thanks to the “Fun Fund” we now have extra phone chargers in the groups and we continue to have treat nights which we all enjoy.


All staff have had their vaccinations and both home and school testing has started.

So all is well thank goodness  



Residential News and Report - 2020 

What a year!! The pupils and staff have all worked extremely hard this term to make our  residential bubbles work. Its not been easy but we have come through it and there has been many positives; Staff covering for absent colleagues has been fantastic nothing has been to much and we have all worked together to make sure that service we offer our young people has not suffered. A massive Thank You goes out to John, Liz and Mike for all the extra hours they have put in this term. Weekly feed back to Governors has continued via Zoom meetings and a big Thank you goes out to our CEO, Emma, Terry, John and Dave for taking part in these meetings, your support has been much appreciated.


Its been a different end of year celebration this year!! Instead of lots of trips out our Residential Parties have taken place in our group ‘Bubbles’ These have included; Air hockey competitions on our two new tables brought from the Fun Fund (Insert picture on school phone) Zoom bingo and quiz nights between the two Residential groups (picture) and  making our own pizzas and potato wedges night (picture of Jess on school phone) followed by Christmas movie night and sending out for take away nights. (picture school phone) A Big Thank you to Merseyside Police for their donation of selection boxes for all our pupils delivered by our local PCSO’s they were very much appreciated.


What has been happening?


Changes have been made to our Waking day curriculum due to COVID -19

  • Groups have been changed so pupils are in the same bubbles as they are for school

  • New policy in place for COVID 19 outbreak

  • New Risk Assessment in place

  • Change of staffing has taken place within groups.

  • All activities at present are based on site.

  • at present we have 11 pupils resident in Caulfield group (not all on the same night)

  • 7 pupils resident in Bridgman group.


Thanks to the staffs continual hard work the group areas have been deep cleaned and safe distancing measures have been put into place. We are so lucky that every pupil has their own personal room, which has helped to make life safer for all.

  • Phone calls and E - mails have been going out to pupils at home and some key working sessions also have taken place virtually. Explaining the changes to pupils and their parents before some pupils returned after self isolating.

  • Home improvements are coming along well in Caulfield Group – new ceilings and lighting is in place and all painting of both lounges and bedrooms has taken place, new carpet in down stairs bedroom has been fitted and in the lounges. Stairs to be completed soon. New windows in every down stairs room completed.

  • New art work has been brought for down stairs lounge along with some soft furnishing items. So a big thank you for your support in this project and a big thank you to John and Kenny (our maintenance team)  for all their hard work.

  • Big Thank you goes out once again to Keith Burns and his team for their very generous donation to the Fun Fund this helped to buy some of the soft furnishings, we have also used the Fun Fund to buy small items for groups that we have used for prizes for our stay in quizzes and bingo nights.

  • Staff training: Care staff along with school staff took part in  NSPCC safeguarding training and also their PREVENT online training – which proved to be very useful. We are continuing to look at on line training in different areas through our new School Insurers. Which should be good when it is up and running. Two staff members of staff continue their training one at level 3 and one at level 5.

  • Staff continue to meet their targets and have been working hard to improve the pupils files with their pupils journey plans and updating their PEEP’s and risk assessments for their new group settings.