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Head of Care- Mrs Nicola Warrilow

At St. Vincent’s we offer two impressive residential groups. Staffed by a dedicated, highly trained group of Care staff, who are always on call to offer help and support to pupils, parents and carers, in any way they can.

The following information will tell you about life in St. Vincent’s if you stay as a resident or as an extended day placement:

New Pupil Guide 2021-2022

Residental News​

October- Autumn Term 2022

  • At present we have 8 residential pupils, 3 of whom are full time. Our other residential pupils access 1 or 2 night stays or extended evenings.

  • We have a new member of Care Staff to support our young people.

  • The Care Team consist of a Senior residential support worker, a full time residential support worker and our Night waking officer and 3 part time care support staff.

  • We are currently having two swimming sessions per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings with our swimming tutor. The pupils really enjoy this!

  • We have arts and crafts sessions and access to the fitness suite and extensive grounds with swings and a trampoline. 

  • We have a new independent visitor and we are really looking forward to his first visit!

  • All of our pupils are excited for this time of year! Lots of Halloween and Christmas preparations are underway!

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