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Mobility Programme

Pupil explorng the tactile signs on the school post box
Pupil waiting for the green man to cross the road safely

Mobility and Orientation is an integral part of the curriculum at St Vincent’s and all pupils have dedicated Mobility lessons with a qualified Mobility Instructor.



At St Vincent’s, we are able to offer the opportunity for all of our children and young people to undertake our personalised and comprehensive Individual Mobility Programme.


The emphasis of our programme is placed firmly on providing a range of realistic and varied experiences; promoting safety and individual ability, whilst encouraging and inspiring the growth of independence and confidence in our children and young people.

Our Programme – An Overview


Our programme is delivered weekly on a one-to-one basis with the school’s qualified Mobility Officers. Each programme is designed by the Mobility Officers and tailored specifically to the individual, delivering the full range of mobility and independence skills through our course of Mobility Attainment Targets.


This begins with the establishment of foundation skills and school orientation, alongside the acquisition of safety techniques such as ‘trailing’ and ‘protection’. These skills are practised and reinforced throughout the school day, as all St Vincent’s staff have had the benefit of completing specialist Mobility training.

Pupil crossing the road with a symbol cane safely

As the confidence and ability of our children and young people develops, long cane and outdoor travel skills are gradually introduced. The programme is consistently monitored to ensure that it is always appropriate and relative to the individual needs and requirements of each child.


With time and practice, the course builds progressively to the highest levels of our programme – seeing our children and young people developing the confidence and ability to complete many challenges including those of bus, train and city centre travel.

pupil at the post office buying stamps
pupil using long cane on a ramp to the supermarket

In another aspect of our programme, our children and young people are given the opportunity to develop a range of social and community-based skills, learning about different types of shops, from the local store to supermarkets, and how to utilise customer services. Experiential learning is practiced through the use of the various supermarkets, the Post Office and banks, for example. Such activities serve to develop important communication and social skills, as well as helping to instil important community values.

Another popular component of our programme, are our ‘buddy lessons’. Here, a children or young person will have the opportunity to work on social and leisure based activities, through our programme of ‘buddy’ activities i.e. working together on a set task, such as café or shopping skills, in conjunction with a friend and the school’s other Mobility Officer. These social opportunities have always proven very successful and enjoyable for the pupils, and form a valuable and integral part of learning.

pupil at the community cafe buying lunch
pupil developing long cane skills
pupil with a long cane on the bus
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