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School Day

A 24-hour curriculum is implemented within the school.​

Protocol for both day and residential pupils

  • Pupils are received into school from 8.40 and signed in to school by their escorts


  • All pupils go to designated area


  • Late arrivals to school will be signed in by office staff and the reason for late arrival will be recorded.


  • In case of pupil absence parents/carers are expected to inform school by telephone and a request is made for a written explanation.


  • Office staff will record and inform staff of pupil lateness and absences.



Lesson times 


Lesson times Monday-Thursday

Lesson 1: 9.00am-9.45am

Lesson 2: 9.45am-10.30am

Break: 10.30am-10.50am

Lesson 3: 10.50am-11.35am

Lesson 4: 11.35am-12.20pm

Lunch: 12.20pm-1.15pm

Lesson 5: 1.15pm-2.05pm

Lesson 6:  2.05pm-2.55pm

Lesson 7: 2.55pm-3.45pm


Lesson times Friday

Lesson 1: 9.00am-9.20am

Lesson 2: 9.20am-10.15am

Break: 10.15am-10.35am

Lesson 3: 10.35am-11.25am

Lesson 4: 11.25am-12.15am






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