Reclaim the Green, Reclaim the Nature

Reclaim the Green, Reclaim the Nature is a project that is live right now! It is aimed at taking pupils of St Vincent's and establishing them as leaders  to encourage young people into not only becoming an agent of change but also innovators of innovators. 

By using the three documents below as a 'What if?' impact concept to create discussion and by keeping in mind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we are aiming to Reclaim the Green, Reclaim the Nature.

Youth Climate Summit 2020   

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Youth Climate Summit 2020 is running from the 9th - 13th November 2020. The Youth Climate Summit is an engaging, free and accessible week of climate action and discovery for schools, with events hosted online throughout the week. The Youth Mock COP is running at the same time, and the Youth Climate Summit will complement and feed into this.

Schools from around the UK will be coming together for the Youth Climate Summit during what would have been the week of COP26 to take action to create a more just, sustainable world and make commitments and pledges for the planet.

St Vincent's will be taking part in both the Primary and Secondary Schedule. Click on the timetables below to find out when...


Click on the link below to find out more about St Vincent's input on the Youth Climate Summit and how you can participate...

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World Cities Day 2020 - Valuing our communities and cities

St Vincent's school's contribution for @UNHABITAT's World Cities Day 2020. Connecting Visually Impaired Innovation as agents of change for climate action with new trade and employability as we try to save the planet!

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