Please find below a range of activities currently on offer are:


Tuesday evenings 6.30pm – 7.30pm


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Wednesday & Thursday evenings 4.00pm – 5.00pm (aged 14+)



Fridays 1pm - 3pm (ages 6 to16)


Enrichment activities on offer this term are:


Session One: 1.15pm - 2:20pm


Session Two: 2:25pm - 3:45pm


















The music department at St Vincent’s will be offering Ukulele group, alternating with band workshops and lessons on how to use the recording studio. Students will be developing their performance skills on a variety of instruments and vocals. Learning about music technology and hopefully leading to developing their composition skills.




Drama will include games exercises, role plays, story-building and character development. These sessions will also help develop key life skills including teamwork, confidence building, imagination skills and presentation skills – leading up to a final performance that will be created by the pupils.


Games Design


This project is based on the pupils’ experience of programming an Adventure Game using a game-making system specially designed for blind users, with built-in speech that has been developed here at St. Vincent’s. The system is content-free so that the storylines and scenarios that are attached to it are limited only by our imaginations!  We are also using GameMaker (by Yoyo Games). This allows for more of a graphics-oriented game-making experience.


Equal Eyes Radio


St. Vincent’s now run an Internet Radio Station that broadcasts 24/7 called “Equal Eyes Radio”! We already have a lot of content on there and we are always adding new content with our dedicated team of reporters! We also make use of the services of Mr. Walker, our professional radio guru (who has worked for the BBC). Why not join the team?!


Aquaponics and Grow Wild


This year St Vincent’s will be aiming to reach stage five of the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Campaign for school gardening. Learn about basic gardening skills, the environment and sustainability.  Research and develop an aquaponics unit which can grow plants without soil on goldfish power!



Leisure and Games


Leisure enrichment will focus on invasion and target games. Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of physical literacy. By incorporating V.I. specific sports, such as Goalball and Boccia, we will introduce mainstream sports like football and basketball. We will also be further developing our very own game of iRugby – touch-tag rugby for the visually impaired.




This year we are expanding our business skills and are looking to have a pop up market stall for Christmas. This provides pupils with an extended customer base and will also enable them to think about the needs of a customer visiting a Christmas Market, in terms of products they might wish to buy. 


We have a variety of products to discuss and decide which ones will move forward into production, with a strong emphasis on using recycled wood from our school grounds. Pupils will have a 'hands on' approach during production, which will also enable cross-curricular learning. They will be learning about profit and loss and deciding how much the products should be sold for.


In addition the Enterprise team will collaborate with the ceramic group to increase the diversity and choice of Christmas products to sell. 




Learn basic ceramic skills including:

  • Exploring texture and making skills,

  • Using a variety of VI friendly tools and templates,

  • Planning and design,

  • Learn about the kiln and the firing process,

  • Increase confidence and independence through exciting ceramic activities.


Food Technology


Develop confidence and independence in the kitchen environment. In September the focus will be on baking skills and healthy eating using produce grown in school.  




This term, members of the creative writing group will produce an essay for the Lions International essay competition – titled ‘Kindness matters’.


The group will also work on completing a comic book production of a CSI detective story that we wrote in the previous term. As well as the comic version, group members will also produce an audiobook version for the radio station.