Enrichment Autumn 2021

Session one- 1.15pm- 2.20pm

Session two- 2.25pm- 3.45pm


Fridays 1pm - 3pm (ages 6 to16)


Enrichment activities on offer this term are:

Debate Club

Debating a wide range of topics such as social issues and current affairs. This will lead into practicing structured competition style debates.

Beauty Club

Beauty enrichment is an opportunity for students to learn the basics of everyday beauty routines, hygiene and other aspects of beauty such as face painting and party makeup. 

We practice techniques of applying makeup and how to make it VI friendly. We explore personal hygiene and how to know what products best suit our skin/bodies. 

SDG Club

Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals and what positive impact we could have on the school community and wider community.

Book Club

“To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.”

(A.C. Grayling) 


The aims of Book Club are

  • to actively encourage a love of reading in order to promote reading of a wide range of books

  • to promote and encourage reading as a pleasurable activity.


Reading research emphasises the importance of reading for pleasure for both educational as well as personal development. It is positively linked with the following

  • reading attainment and writing ability

  • text comprehension and grammar

  • breadth of vocabulary

  • positive reading attitudes which are linked to achievement in reading

  • greater self-confidence as a reader

  • pleasure reading in later life.


Another important factor in fostering lifelong readers is choice. Encouraging and respecting reading choices are important steps toward helping young people develop a sense of ownership and self-determination.


In Book Club we have the opportunity to take turns reading aloud, listen to group members read and to follow along as others read. We discuss books of personal and shared interests. We make recommendations to each other, exploring new writers and genres. One of our activities is the Quest - Choose Your Own Adventure series. Decisions have to be made and consequences dealt with!


Construction Club

Building different types of models using various equipment.


Grow Wild Enrichment enables pupils to learn about inclusive horticulture techniques which include: 

  • Sowing and propagation 

  • Composting  

  • Saving seed & sustainable growing.


Pupil’s look after their own allotment space which includes a small orchard, raised beds, greenhouse and a poly tunnel – they also take part in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening. All pupils who take part in Grow Wild also have the opportunity to put their learning into practice by attending appropriate  and practical educational visits. This Enrichment offer encourages pupil's to think sustainably and be creative in their approach to horticulture practices.   



The music department at St Vincent’s will be offering Ukulele group, alternating with band workshops and lessons on how to use the recording studio. Students will be developing their performance skills on a variety of instruments and vocals. Learning about music technology and hopefully leading to developing their composition skills.


Equal Eyes Radio

St. Vincent’s now run an Internet Radio Station that broadcasts 24/7 called “Equal Eyes Radio”! We already have a lot of content on there and we are always adding new content with our dedicated team of reporters! We also make use of the services of Mr. Walker, our professional radio guru (who has worked for the BBC). Why not join the team?!

This year St Vincent’s will be aiming to reach stage five of the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Campaign for


Leisure and Games

Leisure enrichment will focus on invasion and target games. Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of physical literacy. By incorporating V.I. specific sports, such as Goalball and Boccia, we will introduce mainstream sports like football and basketball. We will also be further developing our very own game of iRugby – touch-tag rugby for the visually impaired.


Food Technology

Develop confidence and independence in the kitchen environment. In September the focus will be on baking skills and healthy eating using produce grown in school.  

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