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Curriculum Overview


St. Vincent’s offers a broad and balanced curriculum supportive of individual needs. Our enriched and ‘value added’ curriculum offers scope to engage pupil voice and experiential, project and problem based learning to enhance employability skills, entrepreneurial learning and SME generation. 



English Curriculum 2022-23

Physical Education Curriculum 2022-23

I.C.T. Curriculum Map 2022-23

Cooking and Nutrition Curriculum Map 2022-23

Science Curriculum Map 2022-23

Mathematics Curriculum Map 2022-23

Music Curriculum Map 2022-23

Religious Education Curriculum Map 2022-23

Primary Curriculum Map 2022-23

MFL - German Curriculum Map 2022-23

MFL - Spanish Curriculum Map 2022-23

Citizenship Curriculum Map 2022-23

History Curriculum Map 2022-23


English Curriculum 2021-22

Physical Education Curriculum 2021-22

I.C.T. Curriculum Map 2021-22

Cooking and Nutrition Curriculum Map 2021-22

Science Curriculum Map 2021-22

Mathematics Curriculum Map 2021-22

Citizenship Curriculum Map 2021-22

Music Curriculum Map 2021-22

History Curriculum Map 2021-22

Primary Curriculum Map 2021-22

Art and D.T Curriculum Map 2021-22


Braille Statement 2021-22


Primary Curriculum Map 2020-21

English Curriculum 2020-21

Physical Education Curriculum 2020-21

Science Curriculum Map 2020-21

Mathematics Curriculum Map 2020-21

RE Curriculum Map 2020-21

French Curriculum Map 2020-21

I.C.T. Curriculum Map 2020-21

Cooking and Nutrition Curriculum Map 2020-21

KS3 Geography 2020-21

KS3 PSHE Curriculum 2020-21 

KS3 History Curriculum 2020-21

KS3 Citizenship Curriculum 2020-21

KS4 Humanities Curriculum 2020-21

KS4 History Curriculum 2020-21

Remote Education Provision 2020-21



Referral’s can be made for children to have additional therapies within the 24 hour provision, these include:


  • Music Therapy

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Rebound Therapy

  • Educational Psychologist 


Complementary Reading

Parents and Carers may be interested to read more about the new CFVI. If you have any questions in relation to the CFVI, and how this is delivered in school, please get in touch:  










National Curriculum Assessment and Qualifications Factsheet Sept 2014 update

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