Angela Williams receiving the Rotary Champions of Change award 2019 for her role in Sightbox.

Angela is a passionate ambassador for the charity Sightbox, which provides access to sport and education for the visually impaired in the UK and around the world.

Visually impaired students face high levels of unemployment and significant social hurdles throughout their lives. The project started in Liverpool and has grown across the world, with Angela’s role taking her to countries in Asia and Africa.

A Sightbox contains equipment, such as balls with bells in them, meaning all children can participate in sport and classroom games together.

Their Vision. Our Vision.

What is Sightbox? What does it do?

Sightbox was created by visually impaired children from St Vincent’s School in Liverpool who were extremely concerned with the lack of access to equipment and technology for visually impaired children and individuals living in third-world countries. Working with the Liverpool Rotary Club, St. Vincent’s School worked to fund and create the Sightbox to be shipped to children who were visually impaired like them.

A Sightbox is a container filled with equipment which provides blind and visually impaired children with the technology needed to access sports and have a more independent lifestyle.

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Sightbox Booklet

Dr John Patterson and Angela Williams talking about the future goals in aiding children around the world with a visual impairment via Sightbox.

Humas Kota Surabaya giving Praise and Thanks to Dr Patterson and St Vincent's for their collaboration and development of Innovative Sightbox Ideas.

The Impact and outcomes from Sharing St Vincent's best practice through the Sightbox educational toolbox in Gambia.

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