'Journey for Peace'


Liverpool Year of Writing 2021

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Journey for Peace

'The Musical'

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Journey for Peace Film 2020

Thank you to Robin Baynes and Liverpool Heartbeat for supporting St Vincent's and Journey for Peace with this wonderful video. Thank you for all who gave their time.


Lions Club International Peace Essay Winner 2019-2020  Joseph Critchlow. The theme for the contest was "Journey of Peace." Watch the full HD video from Joe's journey to New York!


  • This project is aimed at supporting 2020 Visually Impaired (VI) children and young people into employment by 2030

  • Starting in Liverpool UK, this project aims at bringing people together via their school communities of learning through five simple steps adaptable to the school community your pupils learn within, but with the common goal of supporting and investing in VI young people around the world

  • The project is aimed at connecting the UN SDGS 10 through our collaborative and connected ACTION

Register by email to LizMcGovern@stvin.com We are ready to take you through the 5 stages with the support and advice you need.

Please see the attached document for an overview of the 'Journey for Peace 2020 for 2030'

The five steps (all the resources you need):

Step 1 - 'Journey for Peace' Assembly


A school assembly using the ‘Journey of Peace’ essay as a lead in to engage your pupils into action with their own but connected ‘Journey for Peace’ #2020 for 2030.

The assembly will present the project overview for your pupils to reflect on and consider their engagement. Start your Journey for Peace #2020 for 2030 on social media and follow Twitter @stvincentsL12

Click on the picture on the left to access the PowerPoint

Step 2 - Comics

The ‘Journey of Peace’ essay is reflected in an online comic version ‘Journey FOR Peace’. There are seven connected comics to be used at your own pace and to fit into your curricula (SMSC, .British Values’). Each of the seven comics uses a City of Liverpool statue to present a key message for reflection, research and engagement.

Click here to find out how to use the Comics within your curriculum!

comic 1 cover new.jpg
1 (1).jpg
1 (3).jpg
Comic 6 cover new.jpg
Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.36.23.png

Step 3 - Widows Mite, Sightbox & E.T. Box

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 21.29.25.png

We would ask for you to undertake ‘Widows Mite’ collection from your school to fund educational resources and access technologies to be sent to visually impaired pupils across the Commonwealth and around the world using the @sightbox medium (sports equipment) and the ‘ET’ box medium (prescription sunglasses for children and young people with albinism).

Click here to learn more about 'Sightbox'

Click here to learn more about 'Widows Mite'

Step 4 - T-Shirt Competition

We encourage you to design a T-Shirt which reflects what you have taken from the ‘Journey for Peace’. You may wish to use the East of Eli , Rotary and Lions Logos in your design if you have worked with the ‘widows mite’ step of the project. The creative brief is totally open….so be creative and share your thoughts and feelings through art and design.

Step 5 - How to engage physically

'Journey for Peace' #2020for2030


Music Celebration



We are hoping that you will be able to join us at this event where we will share the impact of our collective actions.

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Background & Supporting Articles:

Visual Impairment Dr J Patterson.jpg

Dr John Patterson challenges us to change the way we perceive and treat a person with Visual Impairment.

lighting pathways JPG.jpg

Rotary Article detailing the impact of Sightbox in Gambia.

December / January 2020



A snapshot of our Lasting Legacies School Vision.

Please see link below for further relevant publications 


Dr. John Patterson publication in a special edition of Impact - Lighting Pathways: Investing in visually impaired creativity.

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