Mersey Region Sustainable Schools Network
The Magic Bench

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As part of the UK Sustainability School Network we invite schools in our region to share best practice and collaborations on projects for climate action. 

To launch Mersey Region Sustainability School Network we invite schools to enter our 'Magic Bench' project collaboration.

What messages for peace and climate action would you share through Creative Writing and the Arts?

Let us collaborate in sharing those messages within an animation.

Schools are invited to enter the 'Magic Bench' Competition as a collaborative project launching the Mersey Region SSN.


We encourage you to join our network @MerseyRegionSSN and also join @LetsGoZero with us.


The 'Magic Bench' is a story of a visually impaired (VI) boy and what happens when he sits on the bench in his local park. Please enjoy the animated story here with thanks to pupils @stvincentsL12 and @creativeclassrooms narrated by Charlie Landsborough.

We invite your pupils to write a story about the 'Magic Bench' and what could happen if it appeared in your community.

We ask teachers to encourage their pupils to include reflections on climate and biodiversity action from where you are, in your communities.

As teaching staff,  you may wish to introduce the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals alongside this competition within CITIZENSHIP as a build up to inviting pupils creative writing/pupil voice, and include perhaps reflections on their climate and bio diversity action story embracing the following themes: health, happiness, wisdom, peace, friendship, bravery, justice.

The winning story will be fully animated and will receive collaborative, reverse inclusion, innovation and creativity workshops by pupils @stvincents and @creativeclassrooms. The story will become part of a citizenship & climate/biodiversity action curriculum resource for us to share together across schools.


Please send your story of approx. 500 words to  by the end of February 2022

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Enjoy the first Magic Bench story here.

The Ashden Awards 2021: celebrating bold and brilliant climate pioneers | #COP26

This year the annual Ashden Awards celebration tell visitors to the Glasgow COP and a global online audience the inspiring stories of climate champions from around the world. Champions whose exciting initiatives can fire us towards a low-carbon future.

Our very own Emilio features on the video @ 3:45 mins to talk about The Zero Carbon Schools Campaign.

Dr. Patterson and Anthony Madden live on USA television discussing Reverse Inclusion.

Smart Sustainability - Reverse Inclusion: Pure Creative Brilliance On The Other Side

When it comes to climate action, we need new ideas and everyone involved.

Get inspired by our pupils Beth, Josh, Adam and Dr. John Patterson Principal of St Vincent’s who are at the heart of climate action in Liverpool.