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Boxercise is a fast, high rep workout using the entire body. It builds muscular strength and endurance while packing a calorie-burning punch! It`s not only a high intensity workout burning fat, It`s a fun and empowering class.

A key benefit of boxercise is boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.  In a boxercise workout we focus our energy and our mind is stimulated. This improves mental agility and decision-making skills in real life.

Boxercise is great for everyone wanting to improve their general health and fitness.  It is also an excellent choice for those wanting to combat stress – a great outlet for frustration!  Punching a bag releases muscle tension and channels-controlled aggression which is great for stress relief.

Boxercise can seriously improve motor skills, balance, reaction time and overall agility as you engage hand eye coordination with both hands.

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