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Indonesia Project

St. Vincent's has been supporting Liverpool City Council's friendship with Surabaya, Indonesia. Dr Patterson visited VI schools in Indonesia and a Sightbox was provided. In the Summer of 2018 an education delegation from Surabaya with pupils and VI teachers came and stayed at St. Vincent's for 6 weeks to learn our educational, mobility and independence best practices. It was supported by local Mosques in an interfaith collaboration.  St. Vincent's pupils acted as the 'trainers of the trainers'. This was also undertaken for pupils and staff from Sierra Leone.


A wonderful experience for all , our aim is to bring our friends back to St.Vincent's for the 2021 Disability Games and for our pupils to teach them the new Sightbox content including 'I-Rugby'. 


International Best practice from our sister city Surabaya.

Humas Kota Surabaya and our Indonesian friends celebrating the 1 year anniversary or our International Reverse Inclusion Collaboration.

Video 1 of 3 - St Vincent's and Sightbox best practice being used inclusively in Surabaya. 

Video 2 of 3 - St Vincent's and Sightbox best practice being used inclusively in Surabaya. 

Video 3 of 3 - St Vincent's and Sightbox best practice being used inclusively in Surabaya. 

Humas Kota Surabaya thanking St'Vincent's school for all the specialist teaching and learning over the last 6 weeks.

Great 1st teaching of Sightbox back in Surabaya by our Indonesian friends

Indonesians children planting trees at Liverpool Hope University

Our Indonesian friends working hard on their mobility long cane skills with Mrs Buckle

Reva applying mobility lessons taught in St Vincent's t his school in Indonesia

Humas Kota Surabaya giving Praise and Thanks to Dr Patterson and St Vincent's for their collaboration and development of Innovative Sightbox Ideas.

Connected Projects

The Indonesia Project


A group of our pupils are, this year, working on the production of a comic book to share with school children in Indonesia, as part of hopeful future collaborations and engagement around literacy and creative writing.


The comic is based on a story by the St Vincent's pupils and has been designed to take the group on an interactive, creative adventure. On a weekly basis, the group leave the school to follow the narrative of the story in real life, being guided through the locations from the story, titled ‘A Dream of Two Cities’. As part of the adventure, the young people have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the city of Liverpool, whilst also enjoying social and leisure opportunities.


Upon completion of the comic - based upon a key element that is revealed in the story - the group members are then invited to produce poetry and short stories to complement the adventure, with the intention of sharing these with school children in Indonesia to introduce them to Liverpool.

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