Pastoral and Independence Services Manager – Bernie Buckle

At St. Vincent’s we offer two impressive residential groups. Staffed by a dedicated, highly trained group of Care staff, who are always on call to offer help and support to pupils, parents and carers, in any way they can.

The following information will tell you about life in St. Vincent’s if you stay as a resident or as an extended day placement:

New Pupil Guide 2019/20


Residental News​

September 2019


What has been happening?

Following a busy end of term with all our visitors – which turned out to be a wonderful time for all involved, I was so proud of our pupils for making them feel so welcome at all their shared activities.


Start of a new school year and all going well in both groups, Bridgman has a new member of staff, his name is John and though it is still early days he has fitted in really quickly and getting on well with both staff and pupils. John has replaced Darren who has returned to work within the classrooms.

Caulfield group now has Nikki as the senior member of staff and all is going well.

This term has been busy already with two 18th Birthday celebrations,  a visit to a Circus as well as starting a new Wednesday swimming club which is proving to be very popular. Thank you to Alice for taking on the job of being our Life Guard.

Social night is now moved to a Thursday and this change was accepted following our residential meeting with the pupils at the beginning of term.

 We have welcomed three Governors visits this term which is great, big thank you to all of them for giving their time, to come and see what goes on in the evenings.


New activity time table in place and runs as follows:


Mondays:          Fitness and exercise club

                           Broad Games

                           Youth Club

Tuesdays:          Scouts

                           Shopping trips

                           History Club

                           Music Lessons

                           Youth Club

Wednesdays:    Swimming club

                           Fitness (walking club)

                           Art Club

                           Youth Club

Thursdays:        Social Evening out

                           park/beach/shopping trips

                           D of E

                           Music Lessons

                           Youth Club


Once every half term  -  A special event night will be held – this will be held on a different night each time and will be open to all residents – arrangements can be made for pupils to change their night if necessary.



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