A St Vincent’s group for creative writing & other associated elements

Welcome to a new initiative at St Vincent’s – Shenanigans – a new lunchtime activity with author, Harrison F. Carter. The intention of the club is to guide keen writers at St Vincent’s through the various stages of story development, right through to printing and final production.

One focus of the initiative is to have fun, but it is primarily designed to show that writing and story-telling (and other ancillary industries) are viable career avenues for visually impaired young people. It is the intention of the club to highlight this opportunity, challenging the 85% underemployment statistic for visually impaired people, and to showcase the pupil’s talents.

Shenanigans provides a forum for all aspects of creative writing and book production, offering advice and guidance for developing and enhancing ideas, style and technique, through to the final stages of editing and post-production. Books are then made available in traditional and large sized print and Braille, and, ultimately, by audio (an increasingly popular means of enjoying books and stories). A further intention of the group will be to develop our own publishing house – utilising our own printing press and recording studio to produce print, Braille and audio books, again with the pupils at the forefront of it all as another potential career path.

The project is collaborative and cross-curricular by design, encouraging the development of symbiotic relationships between several components of St Vincent’s as an enterprise village – making use of facilities such as the school’s radio station, Equaleyes, our recording studio and reprographics facilities, the Story Tree and the soon-to-be opened school café – the combined effect of the Shenanigans initiative helps to contribute to fulfilling our school’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural objectives.

The club meets on a weekly basis, bringing pupil’s stories to the table to discuss and develop their storytelling ideas, as well as introducing current and relevant initiatives that young people can engage with.

It is a very exciting project to be part of and a lot of fun. We hope that you enjoy our work.

My warmest wishes,

Harrison F. Carter


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