Solar Panels Project

solar schools

The school is looking to raise £10,000 by 31 July 2014 to be able to install solar panels and reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. To achieve this, the school is working with Solar Schools, a charitable organisation run by a company called 10:10. Solar Schools will provide us with a website and support to help raise the funds we need. The pupils will be actively involved in the project through fund raising activities and learning about reducing carbon emissions to reduce greenhouse gases. The project is also a great opportunity to get the pupils involved in developing their employment skills through communications, marketing, use of social media and financial management.

Feb 10 2014

Sacred Heart Catholic College, Crosby have made contact with us and agreed to raise funds on our behalf! Their help is very much appreciated!!! Its great to see so many donations coming in

March 14 2014

Last week the Hope Students came in to film us as part of our Solar Panel Project.  They wrote a script for us and we presented it to camera.  It will be used as a promotional video on our school website.  We are also going to show it to sponsors and hopefully it will raise more money for our project.  As part of the day, we designed and made posters, we used the colour green to emphasise the use of eco-friendly energy sources, it was fun!  The students were friendly and patient giving us help and support.  It was a great day for an important issue.

April 14

Donation from the Rotary Club, West Derby and a Community Car Wash  has boosted the pot to £1400. This is great we are definitely on our way to completing our goal!