Community Café Project

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  January 2014

Arrangements are underway to launch a Community Café at St. Vincent’s. The Café will open open for business on Saturday 25th January 2014 and will initially be based in the school dining room, but will hopefully move to new premises within the school during the spring.

Join Kathryn and Mrs Beech for a freshly made sandwich, cold drink or a Cuppa.

 February 2014

The café opened for business last week and what a great success it was! Pupils, parents and patrons from the local community enjoyed freshly made sandwiches and home made cakes. Parents used the venue as an opportunity to meet up and chat over a cuppa and it became a great excuse to socialise with classmates for the pupils.

March 2014

“See you at the club on Saturday” is the buzz around school at the moment. It’s so great for the youngsters to be able to socialise with their peers at the weekend and the Yew Tree Café is the place to be. Parents have also be saying how great it is to meet up regularly and relax, while their children go off to do activity in a known environment. Good luck to Kathryn who has now completed her training at the Yew tee Café and is about to embark on new experiences. Welcome to Jayne who is Mrs Beech’s new assistant.

April 2014 – Opportunities for enrichment:

The Yew Tree Café Community Project continues to provide the opportunity for children with visual impairment and disabilities the chance to essential work experience.

Since the opening of the café Kathryn has completed her work experience program. She excelled in all aspects of her work experience, showing the commitment necessary to achieve her personal goals and full potential. Kathryn showed her strengths and talents from good communication skills to high standards of behaviour and work ethic. Creating a positive ethos improved her self-confidence and self-esteem while enhancing her social abilities and personal development. This experience as given her essential life skills for the future. Kathryn has since expressed her gratitude for being given this unique opportunity for enrichment.

The experience helped in extending her  career pathways journey. Recently Jane has started working at the café and is thoroughly enjoying the experience. Jane has already shown the ability necessary to complete the work experience program. Her confidence and self-esteem has been greatly enhanced since day one. Next week Nicole will be starting at the café, she seems very excited and looking forward to joining the team. There are many pupils that have shown interest including Ben and Reanne.

The café has become the hub in which the children can socialise and take advantage of a variety of activities available. While the children enjoy the freedom of the familiar surroundings the parents can enjoy and relax knowing that their children are safe and secure. This unique opportunity allows the parents to meet each other and relate to the children’s needs.

Our aim is to provide the pupils of St Vincent’s with employable skills training through the community café project. A research journal showing the progress achieved to date is available if anyone would like to see it.

May 2014

The Yew Tree Café has recently gained a new member of staff; St Vincent’s pupil Nicole has joined Jane to start her work experience program.

Nicole was very excited at the prospect of gaining essential work experience, while developing her personal independence skills. She enjoyed her first day and was able to help with the sandwich preparation, and cash transactions.

The Café recently has had the pleasure to be able to cater and deliver a service to the Scouts, Pakistan Centre and the 50 Club/Lourdes.

The Scouts pre-ordered 36 sandwiches which the girls had to individually label so as each scout could collect their sandwich and a preferred drink for their lunch after their activities. This was a challenge which both girls successfully achieved showing all the necessary skills required.

The Pakistan Centre enjoyed their day at the café. They had a special request for the girls to prepare halal meat with their sandwiches and also a table with selected buffet menu. This was a great experience to be able to deliver a service that met there cultural requirements. With great success all customers enjoyed the additional options available.

The 50 Club/Lourdes have also recently visited the café and thoroughly enjoyed the experience with all selecting from the various sandwiches and snacks available.