Enrichment Projects

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Here at St Vincent’s we are always busy with enriching, project-based learning. Our projects assisted us in winning the High Sheriff ‘Hidden Gem’ award in 2014 and recognition by the City by the ‘Freedom of the City’ ( April 20th 2016)


Current projects include:

  • On Wednesday’s school now have an Enrichment afternoon, which includes and extensive range of learning experiences available to all visually impaired children, you do not need to be a pupil at St Vincent’s to attend. Please see our Wednesday Enrichment session timetable.
  • The Sightbox project is a new initiative run by the Rotary club of Liverpool St Vincent’s in collaboration with St Vincent’s School, the vision and mission is to tackle the segregation if visually impaired children in the developing word- please see the  Sightbox Booklet  for further information and what the Sightbox includes.
  • Fab 4000 Introducing the Drone Patrol Comic strips and coder dojos
  • One Tree Per Child – Dr Patterson has been  invited to support this great initiative he’s soon to meet Councillor Lana Orr
  • ‘Helping Communities to see’ –  a photographic and website idea within the ‘PREVENT agenda’ from a VI perspective. We have shared the idea with the Home Office and the West Yorkshire Police innovation unit.  We are working on an EU bid to connect our idea with our learning networks and Universities in the UK to showcase our abilities and strengths.
  • Music Platform…we have placed a bid to develop an online music platform details forthcoming if we are successful.
  • G2G3 – more ideas are being explored with Gaming company G2G3, follow the link to find out more about Gamification.
  •  JUVO Designs  – we now have our own design engineers working with us on a range of ideas towards access and employment.
  • A Tree a Child Project – a cross party meeting at Liverpool Town Hall in January 2016 has agreed to back our idea to supply tree saplings to schools and generate a ‘forest school’ teaching and learning resource.
  • Christmas in the Trenches – written by Dr B Hughes from Hope University, we are working on wider performances with Blind Veterans UK for 2016. Our Christmas 2015 performance ‘An apple, an orange and a sugar pig’ was the precursor to this.
  • That Was Series – working in partnership  with the  authors of the ‘That Was’ books, a great collection of fun history stories  based on a wide range of historical places and events, to connect the Radio station with the ‘Story Tree’ and the 3D Printer!
  • Duke of Edinburgh and  John Muir Awards  – we continue to engage individual projects for these awards.
  • Recycled Greenhouse Project – join us in generating our recycled greenhouse from 1800 2 litre plastic drinks bottles which we aim to collect from our local community.
  • Poppy Jewellery – further linked to our Ypres tour we are developing ‘poppy jewellery’ supported by Juvo and David M Robinsons
  • Fire Cadets –  after St Vincent’s having the world’s first VI Police Cadet,  we are now to start a VI fire cadet scheme in February 2016. This is the first of its type and  links into progressive trainer opportunities between the Duke of Edinburgh awards and our scout troop
  • Everton Football Club and Liverpool Football Club – we are exploring some of our ceramic ideas with both clubs. Furthermore, we are in a Everton in the Community (EitC) – Premier League Enterprise Challenge ‘innovation’ project with our earpiece idea AND Everton Free School and St Vincent’s have been asked by Cllr Rosie Jolly (lead on the Social Enterprise Network of which we are now a member) to pilot the  ‘School Soup’ project to develop entrepreneurial ideas.
  • ‘SIGHTBOX’ – working with our design engineers ‘experts in residence’ JUVO designs supported by Liverpool John Moore’s University and Rotary, we are developing and researching a raft of access and supportive technologies to be placed in a physical box and sent to VI communities globally. We are collaborating with RNIB and Blind Veterans UK on a number of ideas. Mr Swanston is currently developing a range of PE ideas linking into local and National sporting bodies including Loughborough University. We are linking into Liverpool’s ‘SMART CITY’ vision within these projects. Read  our Ban Technology article for more information.
  • Ceramics Project – supported by the Light Fund we are developing a number of ceramic projects engaging the wider community
  • Touchdown Dance  – we continue to develop our dance provision in collaboration with Touchdown after our international conference held at St Vincent’s
  • Ukulele – we continue to develop the world’s first VI Ukulele Orchestra with regular practice. Performing at the Eisteddfod in 2015 was quite a start for ULO ( Ukulele Light Orchestra) www.ukeboxband.com/ – facebook – twitter  – soundcloud.
  • Rotary –  as the first ever full club to emerge from a ‘satellite’ we are collaborating on a number of projects . After attending the Rotary disability games we are working on bringing those games to St Vincent’s in 2017. We are currently working on a ‘photography’ project with Rotary and our ‘sightbox’ idea.
  • Radio Station –  we are currently developing content for our radio station to enhance core subjects (mindful of National Curriculum changes) ICT engagement and ‘voicework’
  • Ypres and SMSC after our tour to Ypres with the Vision Expeditionary Force (VEF) we are working on an SMSC and ‘British Values’ learning resource film supported by Hope University– follow this link Ypres 2015 to find out more and follow us on Twitter @StVincentsL12 for news as it happens..and how it links to our poppy jewellery project. The story of our tour was shown on BBC Northwest Tonight in October

bbc tonight

  • Liverpool One after our Ypres tour, we are assisting Liverpool One with their VI awareness in advance of the International Festival of Business (2016) and our vision to make Liverpool the most VI aware City
  • Mekelle and Nepal – after visits between Mekelle in Ethiopia and Nepal schools for VI, we are working on collaborative opportunities, exploring employment ideas for our pupils here in reciprocal value exchanges. This adds value to our ‘sightbox’ idea
  • Solar Panels Project – Pupils have aimed at raising £10,000  to buy solar panels to reduce bills at the school and understand about green energy.
  • Community Café Project – Building work began march 2015  to offer trainee and ideally apprenticeships, and offer facilities for groups using our site. We are scheduled to open in June 2016
  • 3D Printer –We are linking this to our ceramics project and a number of ideas to engage tactile learning
  • Pine Enterprises and Envision CIC continue to develop ideas which will  feed into future events such as further Food and Music Festivals (after our July 2015 pilot). Envision have a number of  project bids placed.
  • Scouts – Our scout troop is now fully inaugurated and includes scouts from both school and the local community
  • Schools Direct – we are now entering the second cohort ‘Training Teachers of Tomorrow’
  • MQTVI we have won the go ahead to deliver this course with LJMU opening wider collaborations
  • Weekend inclusive sports activities – we are continuing to offer regular weekend activities for pupils, their families and the community.
  • School Sport Premium Funding – After the success of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, the UK government are determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy, and develop children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age.
  • Nursery – ‘Wonder Tots’ A brand new fully inclusive nursery dedicated to 2-5 year olds opening soon on site. For further information and enquiries contact Laura on: 07791005525 or email: wondertots@yahoo.co.uk

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Completed Projects


Future Projects

  • Small Animal Farm Project – To provide a small animal farm to inform pupils about animal care and provide access to the animals for pupils and local community.