St Vincent’s Scout Group Report 2015

November 13th, 2015

The Group leaders would like to present the first St Vincent’s Scout Group report. Every week there are about fourteen young people who attend. The Scouts/Explorers have done many things this year from first aid to a murder mystery evening.  Not only have we been working on activity badges, but we have also done many activities from the challenge skills section. Communications, cooking, team building, leadership and creative.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a quiz and food tasting.

For communications we used two way radios during an Easter egg hunt. We also spilt into teams to try our skills at selling. Both these activities also gave rise to team building and leadership. The Scouts/Explorers set up a tent one evening and no doubt we will have fun doing it again. The Scouts/Explorers are currently working on their survival skills badge.

Fitness challenge, in which over a three week period they discussed about eating healthy, ran or walked round the running track three times and did the assault course. We as leaders had our hearts in our mouths but they just went for it.

Creative challenge in that they have designed the scout badge, various craft projects with Jo and Anne.

Global challenge – we did a session on poverty in relation to the third world and us. We used the example of providing a commodity such as coffee and how much we pay to produce and how much we actually sell the item for. How fairtrade is a fare way of doing this, providing benefits for that community. Also recent visit from shelterbox in which it was demonstrated what is in the box and had a talk as to what is a disaster and what areas the boxes go to.

Teaching us about being blind, glasses with different impaired vision or blindness, the Braille machine, how to hold a person so they may walk together.

We enjoyed a visit from 12th Fairfield scouts.

As it can be seen from this report the Scouts/Explorers are active on their meeting nights. Where possible we try and utilise opportunities that the young people themselves have taken part in.

Some of the Scouts/Explorers have assisted in the District and County Annual General Meetings. They have formed the Colour Party which carry the flags in at the start of the meeting and out at the finish. The others have sung for the assembled dignitaries and leaders. The Scouts/Explorers also sang at St Vincent’s for the Rotary Club and the Carol Concert.

Must take this opportunity to thank everyone who has support the group. The staff and helpers, Bernie, Marie, Chris, Dave and Paddy who help us every week. Must also thank Anne from the National Wild Flowers Centre who shows us many creative things using plants and flowers. Anne recently led us on an evening walk around the school listening for bats.

No matter what we have done on our meeting night I think it is safe to say that often there is much laughter and I am surprised that the rest of the school has not complained about the noise.

Group leaders,

Joanne, Sue, Helen, Mike and John.