Request for help from Guide Dogs and Blind Children UK

April 2nd, 2015

We have been asked by Team Search, acting on behalf of Guide dogs UK, to circulate the following information to parents/carers of Visually Impaired children.

If you feel you may like to be involved please respond to the address at the bottom of the letter and not school


 Julie Bradshaw


Good afternoon,

We’re trying to speak to parents of children with visual impairments that have never applied for or used guide dogs services.

Our project is designed to help research into what services such people need and how better their needs can be met. It is a qualitative piece of research so we’re only looking to speak to a small number of people.

It would involve an approx. 1 hour interview. One of our researchers would come to a venue of the respondents choice (their home or perhaps a neutral venue such as support group location). We’d conduct a face to face interview which ideally would be recorded, as this helps with our analysis of the findings.

As a thank you we are providing £40.00 to the respondent and I’d be more than happy to donate an additional £10.00 to their charity or one of their choosing.

If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to call me all my details are in the signature below.

Kind regards



Rob Hogan

Managing Director

Teamsearch Fieldwork t. +44 (0)1422 360371

m. +44 (0)7760 757590 w.