3D Printing with Post 16 and S7

December 3rd, 2014

Article by Steve Irvine ICT Co-ordinator

Over the last few weeks, students who are part of the Enterprise group have been working on the design and production of Christmas packs to be sold over the festive period.

Dr. Patterson arranged for Mr. Martin Skelly from a company called Uniform, to help us out with a project based on use of our 3D scanner and 3D printer. We quickly realised that the Enterprise activity would lend itself very well to use of the 3D scanning/printing facilities in that we could use the technology to design and produce an element of the Christmas pack….. a napkin ring!

Martin and myself hosted a series of sessions with our students and we discussed and developed a number of prototypes made from plasticine by the students themselves. We scanned these in with the 3D scanner and further refined them until a final protype was achieved.

We also managed to include a Braille message (Merry Christmas!) on the 3D design by using a Braille font and adding an embossed version of this to the prototype within the computer-based 3D image design software (very technical!!).

We are now at the stage of mass producing the final prototype on the 3D printer.

Follow this link to the gallery to see production taking place 3D Printing

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